MG TF with Janspeed Exhaust Fitted

Ahhhh – listen to this MG TF with a Janspeed Exhaust fitted – really nice deep sounds coming from that.

Video of the MG TF going from 0-150 km/h

Watch this MG TF 160 go from 0-150 km/h in Mexico.

Simon Andrews MG TF at Shelsley Walsh (20/9/2009)

Some great video footage of Simon Andrews ‘Up the Hill’, on his second run he clocked his Personal Best at Shelsley Walsh.

MG TF 160 driving up Whitfield Bends complete with Daytona exhaust

MG TF 160 VVC driving up Whitfield Bends complete with Daytona exhaust

Buy the MG Rover Workshop Manual for MG TF

MG Rover Workshop Manual for MG TF

This is pretty much the essential guide for all MG TF owners.

Product Description:
Modern cars contain a great deal more electronic and mechanical complication to provide the enhanced capabilities compared to cars of even 10 years before, all demanded by the modern car user. With this comes a more complex service and maintence regime and to provide this needs the paper manual version would extend to over 1200 pages of A4 which is not practical or convenient format. Having a digital manual provides greater flexibility than possible with a paper manual. This includes detailed searching, simple one click cross referencing to related areas, the ability to enlargeprint and diagrams and the ability to print specific pages when doing a job. As most MG TF owners are now computer equiped this manual provides the widest information and the best value access to this information.

Buy the MG Rover Workshop Manual for MG TF:

How to stop a 2002 MG TF from slipping out of gear?

MG TF Tips and Troubleshooting:

Question: My automatic 2002 MG TF keeps slipping out of gear? What could be the problem? Can it be fixed?

The most common reason for an MG TF automatic to slip out of gear is usually related to the condition of the bands inside the auto box. These bands wear down over time and slip.

The first thing you should do to rectify the problem is to drain the automatic transmission fluid. The liquid should ideally be red – however you may find that is smells of burning and has turned a grimy brown colour.

You should also drop the sump on the gear box and replace the transmission filter. If you are still experiencing the same issues after doing all this, then you should get your MG TF to a local MG Specialist so they can examine and re-adjust the bands in the auto box. If you need to get your MG TF to a specialist then be sure to check this list to find your local MG dealer.

MG TF – Daytona exhaust

Cool sound coming from this daytona exhaust fitted to an MG TF

Amazing Custom Paint-Job on a 1954 MG TF

Check out the paint-job on this 1954 MG TF – stunning!

Driving an MG TF 160 VVC up Hartside with daytona exhaust

Nice footage of an MG TF 160 taking on the open road up Hartside – “shame about the cars in front otherwise it would have been a lot more fun!”

Great footage of the 1954 MG TF

This car starts, idles and runs well.

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