MG TF Models

The MG journey begins back in 1924, when Morris Garages established the MG brand by building sports car bodies on Morris chassis. The legendary reputation for sports performance was born. Since the 1920s MG has produced some of the most remarkable, popular sports cars of all time. Cars that are synonymous with pure exhilaration and driving pleasure. Today a stronger, reinvigorated MG is back and is under new ownership. MG. A new future.

This is a guide to the models that are available in the MG TF range. Click on any of the links or images below to learn more about the specific model of MG TF car.


MG TF: The MG TF is all about driver satisfaction. A car that delivers nothing short of undiluted delight. The classic mid-engined rear wheel drive layout delivers superb roadholding and accurate, responsive steering thanks to the near 50:50 weight distribution between the front and the rear wheels. In short, great handling and great acceleration together with great feedback and turn-in through challenging bends.


mg tf 135 MG TF 135: The MG TF 135 is designed to appeal to drivers who want sports car style and fun, but at a reasonable price.

Good levels of trim and equipment including a Clarion ICE system, combined with a price tag that will broaden its appeal and bring it within the budget of many more people.


MG TF 85th AnniversaryMG TF 85th Anniversary: This MG TF was created to honour this milestone in motoring history, the incredible achievements on road and track, and the beautiful iconic cars.  A car for the connoisseur. For people who take their fun as seriously as they take handling and performance.


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